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SRK Type



Packam Slip Ring units of the types SRK and SRW represent the highest quality standard of electrical rotary joints. They allow the transmission of the finest currents and signals as well as power.

The Slip Rings are special hard gold plated. The electrical transmission is made through a minimum of 2 contacts per ring, also made of Gold. This combination of Gold to Gold provides resistance to corrosion and ensures the highest quality of contact. Our products are totally maintenance-free and will provide reliable life-time operation. 

Product Types : SRK

In order to assure its function the actual slip ring part is assembled, together with a bearing supported stainless steel or aluminium shaft, into a robust aluminium housing. This design is suitable for all machine building applications even under the most arduous conditions. The number of poles is variable and will be made according to the customer requirements. The electrical connections are provided to suit the specific customer requirements. Besides the popular direct cable wiring on the stator and rotor there can be connectors and/or terminal strips fitted.

The slip ring system is designed for long life. Each component is tested and checked. All hardware used is of reputed manufacturer. Stringent quality control at every stage of manufacture & assembly ensures that each Slip Ring if made to perfection. The expected number of revolutions is subject to various operational conditions. In general the achieved life exceeds 100 Mio. revolutions. The inside of the slip ring device is not accessible to the user. The housing is sealed to provide total protection.

Packam Slip Ring units do not require maintenance under normal operating conditions.

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