Rotary Table Indexers

RT Type

CE Certified Product - EN ISO 12100:2010

Rotating Table Indexers
Rotary indexing units with globoidal cam mechanisms are ideal for dial plate indexing. Each have stationary center through bores for routing supply lines and dual flanges for mounting a stationary dial over the indexing dial.

Selection Criteria: RT Type


RT85, RT100, RT150, RT240


[Also available as servo-mechanical indexer for precise control and flexibility]

Indexer + Geared Motor Package - available on request.


Mechanism Type: Globoidal

Arrangement of shafts: Crossed
  • Through hardened and CNC ground steel cam
  • Cast iron housing for rigidity and zero vibration
  • High degree of stability for dial plate applications
  • Through hole for wires and utilities
  • Large output flange
Number of Stops:
  • (0) 3 to 32
  • "0" equals constant speed cam
Indexes/minute: <200
Indexing Angle:
  • 90° to 330°
  • depending on number of stops
Oscillating Motion:
  • limited possibilities
Direction of rotation:
  • Clockwise, counterclockwise, reversing
Mounting position:
  • Horizontal, vertical, upside down
  • Refer to model specific page in our Technical Product Catalogue

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