Index Drives

The key component of any production process is accurate and fault free operation for a very long time. Packam products ensure this can happen in your product every time.

The drives manufactured by Packam Controls are mechanical indexing units or oscillating mechanisms used to transform the constant speed rotary motion of the input shaft into intermittent one-way or oscillating movement of the output shaft by way of a cam drive profiles and followers.


Once the motion profile is decided and manufactured it cannot be changed unless the indexing mechanism is exchanged. An exception is the servo-driven indexing unit with a backlash-free, constant velocity globoidal cam mechanism.

The size of the indexing unit is determined by analysing the forces resulting from the load, velocity and the acceleration/deceleration forces. Packam has many years of experience in the selection of the optimum indexer size and can therefore serve its customers in the best possible way.



Mechanical indexing units and indexing drives with globoidal cams or flat cams have a high reliability and virtually zero maintenance during a long service life. They are available as cycle-on-demand or continuous run drives. Depending on the application, there may be need for protecting the indexer/oscillator from overload on either the input or the output side of the indexer. Overload clutches are available to protect the indexing drive unit in emergency situations (failure in the power supply, blockage through external influences, interfering motions). Further, Packam delivers indexing units complete with motor and gear units of any type selected by the customer.


Packam has many years of experience in design and manufacture of indexers. All the materials and hardware used is from reputed manufacturer. Our cams are through hardened and ground to micron accuracy with a very high surface finish. Our cam followers  have too had almost no breakages under specified working parameters. The assembly process has been mastered by our technicians to ensure that the indexer is delivered in ready-to-use condition.


Packam offers a wide range of indexing devices for all your automation needs. They are used in many areas of machine design like: Assembly Automates, Automotive, Rotary Tables, Feeding Mechanisms, Indexing Conveyors, Indexing heads on tool machines, Packaging Machinery, Part Transfers, Printing Machinery, Welding Automation and many more…


If you are looking for reliable, long-lasting automation equipment, Packam has the solution.

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