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GC Type

Globoidal Cam Indexers
Right angle indexers are typically used for continuously running applications with cams designed to match the indexing and idle times without stopping the motor. These are versatile units suitable for a wide range of applications.

Selection Criteria: GC Type


GC50, GC80, GC95, GC110, GC140, GC150, GC180, GC200, GC250


Larger sizes available in Mechanism Only

Indexer + Geared Motor Package - available on request.


Mechanism Type: Globoidal
Arrangement of shafts: Crossed
Number of Stops:
  • (0) 1 to 36
  • with additional reduction gear higher number of stops possible
  • "0" equals constant speed cam
Indexes/minute: <1000
Indexing Angle:
  • 50° - 330°
  • depending on number of stops
Motion Law:
  • MS (standard)
  • MT, CYC, MSC (10-66), MSH, SHM
  • Polynomial
  • (to suit customer specific motion requirements. Especially with higher speeds for low vibration motion.)
Oscillating Motion:
  • up to 150° Indexing angle
  • special motion profiles over full 360° output
Precision of Indexing:
  • within ±15 arc seconds
  • ca. 0.03mm on PCR 200mm
  • Through hardened and CNC ground steel cam
  • Cast iron housing for rigidity and zero vibration
  • Shaft output and flange output are optional on most models
  • Double dwell cam for high speed indexers

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