Custom Cams

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Custom Cams

Packam Cams are a economical alternative to in-house cam design and manufacturing. Backed by over 20 years of experience, we offer cams in a comprehensive range of configurations, tolerances and materials.


Our designers use the most advanced technologies available to design, manufacture and inspect all cams. We can manufacturer a variety of styles as per customer’s specific requirements.


Our range of Custom Cams includes:

  • Globoidal Cams
  • Barrel Cam
  • Face-Grooved Cams
  • Conjugate Cams
  • Plate Cams


Sizes: From 50mm to 1000mm center distance



  • Through Hardened
  • CNC Ground to surface finish of <0.4Ra


PACKAM has designed and produced various cams for packing machines, assembly machines and machine tools.

Packam Controls Private Limited
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