Manufacturing Facilities

In 2011 we commissioned a new and modern manufacturing facility in Mumbai, which enhanced our production capacity and shortened our delivery lead times.  Together with the latest technology from our partners and highly qualified team, we aim to ensure the highest quality standards with the latest manufacturing and testing methods.


Our “All Under one Roof” policy helps us respond faster to our customer’s requirements and effect timely deliveries.


We operate out of a dedicated state-of-the-art facility that has new, modern machinery and equipment, including CNCs and precision measuring and testing equipment. We have effectively integrated the latest technology in manufacturing with the long experience of our skilled, trained & committed work force.


Our sophisticated workshop is focused on accuracy and precision, and, as a result, we are able to provide well-engineered products that have a long track record of trouble–free performance.


In addition, we have our own design team that works with our customers to identify an optimal solution for their needs and to design a suitable, tailored product. With an aim to provide maintenance free product we have a well-equipped quality control & assurance facility.


Most importantly our state-of-the-art modern high-tech setup is backed by skilled and internationally trained technicians.


  • SPM machine for milling and grinding of globoidal cams
  • Multi-axis CNC machines for turning, grinding, milling, jig boring, etc…
  • High precision wire cut machines
  • High accuracy testing rigs
  • Dedicated cam follower division
  • Temperature controlled and dust free plant
  • Precision measuring and testing equipment

Packam Controls Private Limited
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