Packam Profile

Packam has dedicated more than five decades in delivering quality products to its customers.

An experience in manufacturing and exports to over 50 countries gives us the needed expertise and enables us to keep up with the customers’ demands and handle global projects with ease. We are always on the lookout for betterment and it is this passion to do the best that keeps us going.


We distinguish ourselves as pioneers in the field of motion control, especially the manufacture of Cam Indexers.


Our high precision cam indexers are manufactured on state of the art machines, backed by skilled and internationally trained technicians. We have the experience and know-how to choose the optimal, risk free indexer to assure the required function and life. All Packam products are CE Certified - EN ISO 12100:2010











Packam has partnered with an international company to manufacture slip-ring units according to the electrical and mechanical specifications and requirements of the respective customer. Our technicians are trained in Europe and our assembly / testing facilities are approved by our partners. This ensures a high and consistent quality of every unit manufactured.



Year of establishment:                               1997

Products:                                                   Cam Indexers, Slip Rings & Packaging

Manufacturing Capacity (Indexer):            200+ units per month

Manufacturing Capacity (Slip Ring):         300+ units per month

Manufacturing Capacity (Packaging):       1.5+ Mil pcs per month

Workforce:                                                 200+

Office Area:                                                6000 Sq. Ft.

Factory Area:                                             50000 Sq. Ft.

Packam Controls Private Limited
Tel: +91 22 61206600